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A Guide Radon Gas

Radon gas is a gas that does not have taste, color or even smell. Radon gas is an effect of a radioactive substance underneath the ground. Radium is one of the elements in the periodic table. The radioactive decay process that leads to production of radon gas comes from uranium, thorium, and radium. It is a heavy gas that is easily inhaled. the process of radioactive breakdown take place on soil, water and soil having traces of radioactive substances. This particular gas leave the ground naturally and get into structures via cracks and tiny holes. Water originates from underground and it is thus an avenue for harboring radon gas.

Facts about radon gas is that it has been identified to contain carcinogen a major contributor to lung cancer. Radon gas affect the quality of air in the interior of a structure as it mixes with the normal air. High amount of radon gas in a room is risky. Geology differences translate to variations of radon gas in different locations. People need to take action against radon gas upon verification of its presence.

Radon gas can neither be smelled nor can it be seen, it, therefore, calls for unique testing methods. An expert in testing radon gas can be hired supposed the intensity and level of radon gas is very high. Radon testing kits are used to assess and quantify the radon gas in a building or surrounding. The testing kit has a detailed menu and instruction that if followed to finality, the testing will yield successful result.

The testing kits can either be passive or active. The passive kits are left in the room as stipulated by the instructions after which the specimen is taken to laboratory for analysis purposes. The active radon testing kits are operated with the help of power. The active testing kits analyze, quantify and record the radon gas.

Testing radon in a homestead is of great significant as it lay a foundation on making critical decisions suppose there are radon gas substance within. Presence of radon gas traces in the surrounding calls for immediate action. Radon gas creation and spread can be combated by using the right actions and procedures. Some of the recommended methods of preventing radon gas spread are sucking soil off the radon elements, pressurization of a house and using heat recovery ventilators. Soil sucking procedure draw traces of radon gas from the soil. The cracks and small opening on structures should be fully filled. Radon in water sources can be mitigated by using aeration gadgets and charcoal filters.

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